Terms of service

Any item or items returned will be inspected and verified for authenticity. Any items that have been described as new and returned used will not be refunded as item is now in a used state. Any Faulty items can be returned and will be tested to ensure they are faulty. If the item is faulty, the purchaser can have a refund or, if available, a replacement sent without further charges. If buyer has not carried out all necessary checks to ensure that the purchased item fits desired vehicle, as noted in item description or title a refund will be provided minus, postage costs, and admin charges and if sold as new any wear noted will also be deducted from any refund. In order for me to operate a legitimate business i need to operate efficiently. Little time will be given to individuals that wish to use my services for their own personal gain. I will ensure that all 'precautions' are taken when selling items through my ebay account where possible.

Any credit / debit card refunds processed through your Credit / Debit card provider following the sale of goods along with written proof that goods have been sent as per the buyers request and without the returning of the goods along with proof that items have been sent as per purchasers request by the purchasers credit card company will result in purchasers payment method automatically charging sellers company (credit card company via a Charge Back). Norfolk Prestige Car Parts UK Ltd will absolve themselves from any such charge back the, by purchasing goods the seller will have a responsibility to ensure they check any costs or actions required following a purchase from Norfolk Prestige Car Parts UK Ltd. Following the sale and sending of items it is the buyers responsibility to ensure that costs incurred after sale (import duties, customs fees) are paid in accordance with the relevant countries import codes. To ensure purchasers are aware of what costs will be. Seller will make buyer aware through email or written on product description that there may be additional costs to import items to the posting address that you will need to identify prior to purchasing goods from this company. Norfolk Prestige Car Parts UK Ltd hold no responsibility after sale of goods and following a purchase the buyer therefore agrees to pay any costs to import purchased goods to the country of posting.