Customer Service is Key - Prestige car Parts First Blog post

Well first blog post. Gotta start somewhere!

To me its all about connecting with people, and providing them with a level of service that i would expect if i was buying something. When you walk in to a shop, how many times have you looked for a member of staff to come over and say those words, "is there anything i can help you with". For me this is the first connection you have to your customers and in the end, the people who pay your wages. Through current sales routes (web pages) this isnt as easy as it sounds. So building my website through Shopify i needed some how to connect to the visitors to give them that welcome message. 

One good thing that Shopify has, is the ability to add apps to it. Not just apps that make your images stand out, or different ways to ship your products but a way to communicate with the visitors to your shop, one in particular stood out when i was looking for such an app. A free app is available called Tawk. A simple free application that recognises new visitors and asks a set message you set each time someone goes to your site.  And then lets anyone visiting my site chat to me and ask any question. All this and its Free.

So my first step to connecting with my customers is via Tawk. When it gets to much, i can actually hire live agents, 24/7 for $1 an hour. Now i dont know if i would ever do this as i dont think they would have the product knowledge i would. But will look at it if it becomes a problem.

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