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Audi A1 car battery 12 Volt 80Ah 800 Amp AGM 2010 > present

Audi A1 car battery 12 Volt 80Ah 800 Amp AGM 2010 > present

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Type 115 800 AMP AGM Leisure Battery
Specification -
  • 12 Volt
  • 80AH
  • RC140
  • 800 Amps (SAE)
  • Dimensions -
  • Length 315mm
  • Height 190mm
  • Width 175mm
  • Positive terminal on the Right.
GENUINE Advanced Technology AGM
What is an AGM battery?
AGM (absorbed glass mat) is a special design glass mat designed to wick the battery electrolyte between the batteryplates. AGM batteries contain only enough liquid to keep the mat wet with the electrolyte and if the battery is broken no free liquid is available to leak out.
AGM batteries are one of the latest/advanced technology in the battery industry.
  • Improved active mass efficiency, through better absorption of the acid
  • Increased lifespan due to minimal active material shedding due to battery design
  • Higher cold start values
  • Totally Maintenance Free – zero water consumption
  • Spill proof/leak proof
  • Designed to meet latest OEM vehicle demands
  • Compatible with sensitive electronic equipment
  • AGM technology is now factory fitted to numerous luxury cars and “Stop – Start” vehicle where increased AGM battery features are required
Collection welcome if arranged.
Please make sure this will fit your vehicle before purchase
Warranty Info - 
This battery comes with a 3 year warranty. The warranty covers manufacturer defects and faults respectively.
The warranty runs from the date of purchase to the end of the warranty period stated above (3 year).
The warranty does not include damage caused by incorrect fitment, lack of maintenance or neglect due to a lack of charging. The battery will not be exchanged under warranty if it is flat. If the customer suspects the battery is faulty they must first message me.
We will advise the customer of the returns procedure to allow us to test the battery for the suspected fault.
Please note that the customer is responsible for the cost of returning the battery to be tested as part of a warranty claim.
In the event that the battery is faulty we will refund the return cost paid by the customer and will ship a replacement battery.
If the battery is not faulty, it will be shipped back to the customer at the customers cost.
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